St. Kitts Tourism Authority


Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Nevis is one of the Caribbean’s most magical islands. It boasts crystalline seas, golden sand beaches, historic plantation inns, sweeping mountainsides and beautiful forests. With an enchanting view of St. Kitts’ Southeastern Peninsula to the west surrounded by the sparkling Caribbean Sea, there is nothing more amazing than the view at sunset from Pinney’s Beach. Nevis has a pace of life that encourages you to stop and appreciate all the natural beauty around you. It’s a very special place famed for its charm and the easy-going genuineness of its people. Come and discover this remarkable jewel for yourself.

Dotted with brightly coloured houses and with more monkeys than people, Nevis has a charm all of its own. Its quiet villages, unspoilt beaches, wonderful accommodation together with an unhurried lifestyle only add to its unique appeal. You’ll enjoy a lot of peace and quiet on Nevis. Tranquillity is pretty much guaranteed and the only disturbance you might encounter is when a few sheep or goats wander on to a road and cause a ‘traffic jam’. Nevis is the perfect place to get away from it all and recharge your batteries. Everywhere you go on Nevis, you’ll receive a friendly greeting. And because the island is small, you’ll frequently see people you’ve met before. There are no strangers on Nevis; just warm, welcoming people who are genuinely pleased to see you.

Nevis takes you back to nature. Lush green vegetation is everywhere and the jungle trails around Mount Nevis are waiting to be explored on foot or by bike. But Mount Nevis is also a source of renewable energy; the geothermal power within this dormant volcano is helping to make Nevis one of the greenest islands on earth. Fanned by the trade winds, Nevis is warm but never too hot. It’s a step back in time and a place with all the conveniences a modern visitor could desire. It’s a romantic destination and a perfect spot for families. It’s a relaxing getaway and a holiday filled with fun activities. Nevis can be whatever you want it to be.